| The life of that robot in the minds of insignificance

Speaker: Olga Prokhorenko, ex-HRD of the NBU
The ability to make plans for the future in conditions of uncertainty is called the art of small steps. Uncertainty is something that you can’t define for yourself actually, you don’t have experience, you haven’t lived it, you haven’t encountered this situation, you don’t have ready templates for how to live or work with it. It is precisely this situation that is uncertain according to our perception, but this does not mean that the future is in principle uncertain. Real strength in such periods is in the ability to understand yourself holistically and look at yourself from different angles.
Our star coach – Olga Prokhorenko, HR consultant, ex-director of the NBU personnel department and mentor can help you find yourself and decide on your career path.

If you want to find answers to the questions:
– how to build your personal and professional life in the conditions of crisis phenomena
– how to work in conditions of stress and uncertainty
– how to continue to realize your career opportunities in conditions of uncertainty.

A video recording of the training is available at the link