Personal mentoring

One of the components of the Fearless Girls program is professional guidance or mentoring. It is a type of informal education, the interaction of a person experienced in a specific sphere with the one who starts or is on the way to the same professional level as a mentor.

This Fearless Girls component mission is to reveal your hidden potential and provide all the necessary tools for development and growth.

Our mentors are people who have achieved professional success and can share opportunities for career growth, help build networking and even provide sound advice on social and cultural integration abroad.

Virtual meetings with the mentor will take place within four months, from September to December 2022.

What can mentorship give you?

You will have the opportunity to:

  • communicate with an experienced professional who will raise questions you haven’t even thought of;
  • avoid common mistakes on your career path;
  • have the support of a professional while acquiring new skills;
  • prepare for the position or improve the professional level,
  • have a successful example of a mentor as a role model;
  • become more confident in their professional capabilities,
  • expand your circle of professional acquaintances.

Please answer the following questions before registering:

  • why do I need a mentor?
  • what goals do I want to reach with a mentor?

And now, if you want a personal mentor – fill in the form https://forms.gle/rxA292uCDaAG5eMeA, and we will select a mentor according to your answers to the questionnaire.