| Networking, encouraging professional connections


Speaker:   Yana Pampuha, expert in international recruitment, talent management and operations, co-founder of an international recruiting company

In the second training of the “Fearless Girls” program, we will talk about networking during wartime to establish and build social and professional connections.

The ability to establish useful connections and acquaintances is one of the channels through which you can search for and successfully find a job. It is the art of establishing, developing and maintaining relationships. A universal tool for solving your problems, tasks, goals. The process of establishing business and personal relationships requires purposefulness and organization. Networking has its own laws. Which? Our speaker – Yana Pampukh will tell.

The following issues will be considered at the training:

  • How to establish useful contacts?
  • How to expand the contact base of professional contacts?
  • How to competently build and maintain communications?
  • How to use connections for professional growth?

A video recording of the webinar is available at the link

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