Thank you for registering for the Fearless Girls program.

This will help us better understand the problems and needs of Ukrainian female financiers who are looking for ways of professional growth. It will take some time to gather and analyze the information, so for now, we suggest you browse job vacancies in the finance industry posted on our career center page

You can also take advantage of educational courses prepared by CFA Society Ukraine and its partners to improve your knowledge of the financial market and investments. These courses are free and available after registration.

The “Basics of Finance and Investment” course on the Prometheus educational platform consists of 16 different modules and will help you improve your knowledge of the financial market. It explains what the investment market is and who its participants are, as well as the nature of various investment instruments.

The “Ethics for Finance and Investment Professionals” online course simulator on the EdEra platform consists of 8 modules and is based on the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct standards of the CFA Institute. You can go through different career stages of an investment professional (from intern to CEO) and study these standards in detail through short dialogues, as well as learn how to solve ethical cases of varying complexity

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